Project name:  Cross-border HIstorical  Theme Route of Noble Families

Lead Beneficiary: The City of Virovitica

Beneficiary:  Szentlőrinc Város Önkormányzat and Touristic board of the City of Virovitica

Duration of the project: 20 months

Start date of project: 01.10.2020.

End date of project: 31.12.2022.

Project total budget: 440.829,46 EUR

EU contribution: 374.705,04 EUR


During the 20 months of the project, 9 activities will take place, which will result in the following:

  1. Unique and recognizable tourist route – a tourist route of cultural and architectural historical sights from Virovitica to Szentlorinc.
  2. Reconstructed 2 historic parks- starting and end point of the tourist route.
  3. Trilingual publication – a trilingual publication of an influential noble family in a cross-border area
  4. Licensed 10 tourist guides – 10 people will be educated and licensed as tourist guide
  5. Mobile application of the tourist route
  6. Promotional video of tourist routes
  7. Tourist route website
  8. Trilingual booklet – the trilingual booklet will present all the points of the historical tourist route
  9. Historical Festival in Virovitica and Szentlorinc


The HITRoute project will develop cultural tourism in the cross-border area through the revaluation of the existing cultural, architectural and natural heritage, the reconstruction of the Historical Garden and the square in front of the church of Sv. Rok in Virovitica and Esterhazy Park in Szentlorinc. The main objective complies with specific goal 2.1. To convert the region’s natural and curtular heritage assests to tourism attractions with income generating capabilities. By merging two different countries into a cross-border area, a new unique tourist route will be created, through an area rich in history and cultural heritage, recognizable to the Hungarian-Croatian landscape. The renovated square in Virovitica and the park in Szentlorinc are the starting and ending points of the tourist route.

The applicant for the HITRoute project is the City of Virovitica; project partner B1: Szentlőrinc Város Önkormányzat; project partner B2: Virovitica Tourist Board.


The main goal of the project is the development of tourism in the cross-border area through the creation of a unique and recognizable tourist route through Croatia and Hungary. The idea of ​​the project is that it wants to increase the number of visitors in the cross-border area of ​​Croatia and Hungary, ie an area rich in history, architecture and culture, which will have a positive impact on the economy of the Croatian-Hungarian area. The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. To link Croatian and Hungarian cultural, architectural and historical heritage in the cross-border area.
  2. To develop and promote unique and recognizable tourist route of cultural, architectural and historical heritage in the cross-border area.
  3. To reconstruct the cultural and historical heritage in the towns of Virovitica and Szentlorinc.
  4. To increase the number of tourist visits, tourist nights and tourist spending in the cross-border area

The target group of the project are tourists who have or will have a desire to visit the cross-border area. The indirect target group is the local population of Virovitica and Szentlorinc, the project will enable them to spend their free time in an attractive natural and architectural heritage. The indirect target group also includes local businesses, small craftsmen and traders who, due to the potential of tourist consumption, increase the possibility of generating revenue.

Aplikacija HIT Route - Android

Download the Android application by clicking the download link.
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Promotional video


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