The final conference of project “Cross-border Historical Theme Route of Noble families” held in the City Hall of the City of Virovitica on Thursday, December 15th 2022.  The project was submitted and approved by Development Agency VTA as part of the second Call for project proposals of the Cross-Border Cooperation Program INTERREG V – A Hungary-Croatia 2014 – 2020. The Lead Beneficiary is the City of Virovitica and the project partners are the City of Szentlorinc from Hungary and the City’s Tourist Board Virovitice. The total value of the project is 399,681 €, the amount of EU grants is 339,729€, the EU co-financing amount is 85%. The project implementation period is 20 months, from October 1st 2020 to December 31st 2022.

Through the implementation period all project activities were realized as they were planned same as the all project results and planned indicators were achieved. Within the project, two large and significant parks in Virovitica and Szentlorinac were renovated. In the town of Virovitica, the Historical Park and the square in front of the Church of St. Rok were reconstructed. The statue of St. Anthony was moved, the fountain was restored, more than 900 roses were planted, a yew tree, a pergola, numerous pines and cypresses were planted. The Hungarian partner renovated its Esterhazy park in the very center of Szentlorinc with a newly built and completely renovated promenade, eight information boards were installed on which unique and recognizable points of the tourist route were presented. A total of 9 activities were held a new tourist route was designed, a trilingual publication about influential noble families was produced, as well as a trilingual booklet. All of the above was delivered to the direct and indirect participants of the project. Through the project 10 tourist guides have been licensed, a mobile trilingual application of the project with a tourist route has been created, which can be downloaded for free on the Google play application called “HITRoute”.

The website of the project was also created, which combines the planned and realized with numerous links, images and accompanying materials that contain all the elements of visibility of the project and the Program. Promotional video of the tourist route that will be played on local television stations 30 times for 30 seconds.

All project partners are satisfied with the implemented project and joint cooperation and are planning a new project proposal and implementation within the call of the Program.

“The content is the sole responsibility of the City of Virovitica and under no circumstances reflects the position of the European Union and/or the Governing Body.”