“Walk in Franciscan Park”

On Saturday, September 10, starting at 10:00 a.m., the activity of the manifestation of noble families and cultural heritage named “Walk in the Franciscan Park” was held as part of the implementation of the project “Cross-border HIstorical Theme Route of Noble families” – HITRoute.

The manifestation began with the reading of fairy tales about princes and princesses, followed by a creative workshop, after which the finished works on the theme of nobility were exhibited in the park. Also, as part of the event, a demonstration of knightly skills and an exhibition of the Virovitica City Museum were held to show us the park as it once looked.

The event was joined by the deputy mayor of Virovitica Vlasta Honjek-Golinc, the mayor of Szentlorinc Peter Koltai, deputy mayor of Szentlorinc Krisztina Kovacs, the director of the Tourist Board of the City of Virovitica Katarina Đurđević and the director of the City Museum Mihaela Kulej.