Work in progress on Reconstruction of the Historical Garden and Square in front of the church of st. Rok in Virovitica

Work in progress on Reconstruction of the Historical Garden and the square in front of the Church of St. Rok in Virovitica, one of the main activities of the project “HITRoute – Cross-border HIstorical Theme Route of Noble families” within the Interreg V-A cooperation program Hungary – Croatia 2014-2020. Reconstruction works are performed by the community of bidders Atika d.o.o. and Flora VTC d.o.o.

The project was developed by the Development Agency VTA, the Lead Beneficiary is the City of Virovitica, and the partners are the City of Szentlorinc from Hungary and the Tourist Board of the City of Virovitica. The value of the project is 399,681.37 euros, co-financing by the European Union is 85 percent, or 339,729.14 euros. The project implementation period is 20 months (October 1, 2020 to May 31, 2022).

The main goal of the project is the development of tourism in the Hungarian-Croatian cross-border area through the creation of a unique and recognizable tourist route through Croatia and Hungary. The idea of the project is to increase the number of visitors and tourists in the cross-border area rich in history, architecture and culture, which will have a positive impact on tourism and the economy of the cross-border area.

During the 20 months of the project, 9 activities will be held in Croatia and Hungary, after which Virovitica will be richer for the newly reconstructed Historical Garden and the square in front of the church of St. Rok in Virovitica, a noble tourist route and educated and licensed tourist guides. Within this project, the visible elements of the project are: Unique and recognizable tourist route – a route of cultural, historical and architectural sights from Virovitica to Szentlorinc; Reconstructed 2 historic gardens in Virovitica and Szentlorinc; Trilingual publication – influential noble families in the cross-border area; Licensed 10 tour guides; Mobile project application with tourist route; Promotional videos of tourist routes; Project website with tourist route; Trilingual booklet – where all points of the historical tourist route and the Historical Festival in Virovitica and Szentlorinc will be presented.

“The content is the sole responsibility of The City of Virovitica and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union and/or the Managing Authority.”